srvstart 0.2

srvstart is a small utility for starting and stopping services on the local machine.

This zip file should contain the following files:

srvstart.txt (this file)

The srvstart.cfg file is a text file containing the names of the services to be handled.

The included file contains the names of the services for MySQL and Apache. These should be changed if you will be dealing with different services.

srvstart can be run from any folder on your PC but it is recommended that you puit them in a suitable folder on their own for ease of finding and use.


Correct syntax is:

srvstart start [config file]
srvstart stop [config file]
srvstart restart [config file]
(this stops and then restarts services).

If no config file is specified then servstart.cfg is used

NOTE: services will still be started even if they were not initially runningĀ if restart option is used

Download srvstart