Windows ACCU 3.0


The Windows ACCU (Area Conversion Calculation Utility) is a small program that
I developed for converting between metric and imperial areas. With the increasing
use of metric units of measurements I was constantly having to convert area figures
at work. The problem was that I could never remember the conversion factors. As
a result, the first version of this program was developed. It was purely for my
own use and ran under DOS. Due to popular demand from my colegues at work it has
evolved into the 32bit Windows application you see here. For anyone who would like
to use it I have now made it available as a free download.

Download Windows ACCU

This incarnation has been developed for use with Windows XP and also works under
Windows Vista. It has not been tested on earlier versions of Windows.


This application requires .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed on the host computer